Gnocchi Sunday

Nothing is better than a Sunday filled with family and food. That’s why, growing up, gnocchi Sunday was always my favorite. The sauce bubbling on the stove all day, filling the air in the entire house with the aroma of tomato sauce just can’t be beat.

Gnocchi is one of those temperamental dishes that can either go perfectly well, or fall apart on the plate. Not that it matters, really, because either way, it’s always delicious.

This past Halloween, we all got together to make gnocchi. Vinny made the dough early in the morning. Roughly, this was done by baking the potatoes followed by ricing them into a mash. Eggs and flour were both added to the potato mash, and kneaded into a dough.

After the dough is made, the rest is the fun and easy part. Floured pans and forks are put out, so that the whole family can participate in rolling the gnocchi.

Pieces of the dough are pulled off and rolled into a long thin line. Then, pieces of the dough are cut into pasta size pieces.

Each individual piece is then rolled off a fork in order to create the distinctive gnocchi shape for the pasta.

The pasta is all rolled and added to the floured dishes before it is boiled.

Finally, the pasta is added to salted boiling water. When they begin to rise to the top of the water, they are ready.

Once they are ready, mix them with the tomato sauce and enjoy!

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